This idea for a drill for [tag]basketball man to man[/tag] comes courtesy of Brian, one of my readers.  A great [tag]drill[/tag] to bring out the best in your team!Basketball Man to Man Defense

From Brian…
I coach a young girls’ [tag]basketball[/tag] team (6th grade) in a very small town.  We inter-league with other small schools.  The action is very low key, and the girls were always surprised when someone bumped them or slapped them.  They were not aggressive at all.

I have slowly introduced this group of girls to AAU action, and again, they were getting overwhelmed.  I learned the following drill, which has helped them get over their “aggressiveness shyness” and they love it.  It’s called NBA – No Babies Allowed.

Everyone lines up at the [tag]free throw[/tag] line.
The first three in line spread out around the key.
Coach shoots the first basket and then it’s each “man” for herself.  They play [tag]one-on-one[/tag]-on-one until one of them makes a basket.  She goes to end of line and is immediately replaced by the next person in line.

They aren’t allowed to double [tag]dribble[/tag], but are allowed to go out of bounds to chase a [tag]rebound[/tag] or deflected shot.  They’ve had to get in there and really fight to get that ball and to put it back up in order to get out for a rest.

I think it was the name that gave them the “permission” they needed to get physical.  It’s made a big difference in the way they play their games now.