Chris from Iowa sent in a request for more [tag]basketball motion offenses[/tag] plays he could use with his team.  Here’s a [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]play[/tag] that one of my readers sent to me. Give it a try!Basketball Motion Offenses

From Shane…
Here is my play (idea).
1.  This is a baseline out of bounds play versus man to man
2.  We put a three person stack starting on the ball side block (2 guards and 1 post). We have our best passer take the ball out. Our best [tag]post player[/tag] is in the middle of the foul line or on the opposite elbow.
3.  In the stack one of the guards (usually the first in line closest to ball) will go to ball side corner (outside three point line)
4.  The second person in the stack is a post- they will go to the opposite block
5.  The third person in line in usually my shortest [tag]guard[/tag], they will go and screen for the post on the foul line.
6.  The post receiving the screen will cut to the ball side [tag]block[/tag] or any open area for a [tag]shot[/tag]. The guard who screened the post at the foul line will roll back to the ball side elbow.

I’ve been running this baseline [tag]out of bounds play[/tag] for years and we score 2-3 times a game on it.

Another point that we do on all out of bounds plays is we don’t slap the ball to start the play. The play starts when the ref hands us the ball. When you slap the ball it tells the defense that you are starting the play.