Randy in Worcester emailed me looking for drills on [tag]basketball motion offenses[/tag].  Here’s a [tag]drill[/tag] Brad sent to me that he uses with his youth players.  Give it a try and let me know how it works for you!Basketball Motion Offenses

From Brad…
There is a [tag]basketball[/tag] drill I just started using with my new group of youth players. I call it “Screen then Roll”.

The drill utilizes four players and emphasizes: [tag]setting a screen[/tag], using the screen, and rolling towards the basket after the screen.
Player 1 stands at the top of the key to the left.
Player 2 stands at the free throw line extended on the left.
Player 3 stands at the left elbow.
Player 4 is standing in front of player 2.

Player 1 [tag]passes[/tag] to player two. Player 4 closes in on player 2 working hard on defense, yet not trying to steal the ball.  After the pass reaches player 2, player 3 sets a screen on the left side of the defender (player 4).  Player 2 dribbles explodes around the screen and enters the foul line area.  After player 2 explodes by the screen, player 3 rolls toward the basket with his left hand in the air.  As player 2 hits the foul line area, he has three options: take a [tag]jump shot[/tag] from the line, drive the lane and score, or hit player 3 on the roll to the basket.

This drill can be executed from either side of the court.  I emphasize that player 3 sets the screen the moment player two catches the pass.  Also, player 2’s shoulder must explode by player three allowing his shoulder to brush players 3’s shoulder.  Player 3 must explode to the basket after player two used the screen.  If player 2 passes to player 3, he must make the [tag]pass[/tag] as soon as possible to not allow the [tag]defense[/tag] to recover and disrupt the scoring opportunity.

I also emphasize that players execute the drill at game speed at all times.  All players learn to executed each position of this drill.