Mastering the art of the drive and kick is key to any kind of dribble drive offense. It’s one of the best way to get great shots, forcing the

Basketball Drills
Drive and Kick Series

defense to move and closeout on players on the wing. From there they can take a 3-point shot in rhythm, or attack the rim. And while it may look like it’s easy, it takes alot of practice and communication.

Drive and Kick Series

This is a great drill that can be altered to work on plenty of different aspects of the game. The basic setup is as follows – two defenders, each on one side of the foul lane, and three offensive players, “ one on the wing, one just off the top of the key, and the last in the far corner.

To start the drill, the defender on the ball side is going to closeout on the player on the wing, who will wait until they finish their closeout, and then dribble hard to the rim with their left hand. On the first dribble, the defender on the other lane line is going to slide over, cutting off the wing players drive.

The wing player should then make the pass to the player at the top of the key. This player will again wait for the closeout, and then drive to the left. After two dribbles they’ll make a pass out to the player in the corner, who will be spotting up for the trey ball, and shoot it.

Offensively, your players get a chance to work on ball handling, passing, and shooting in a game situation, and your defenders are forced to work extremely hard, trying to get a deflection or anything else they can do to stop the offense from scoring.

The drive and kick is valuable for any player, in any situation, but personally I would recommend my awesome motion offense!