Chris from Iowa sent in a request for more [tag]basketball offense[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag] he could use with his team.  Here’s one Steve sent to us.Basketball Offense

One of the things that I get big requests from my girls 9 and 10 and my boys 13-15 teams is to [tag]scrimmage[/tag].  For me scrimmaging would often be least productive time of practice as I watched the group totally ignore whatever we had been teaching. Several years ago I read how Dean Smith use to run his [tag]basketball[/tag] scrimmages. He would score points making the extra pass, defensive stops or whatever he was teaching that day. I now run almost all scrimmage time that way.  I explain to the 2 teams what I will score points for that day. I always give assist plus basket extra value –4 point play here are some of the others:
*“  Set a good pick –1 point
* executive pick and roll –1 point (you can get 4 more on top if you score on the assist)
* Defensive stop–1 point (this includes getting back to stop break-blocked shots etc.)
*“  Rotating correctly man on man–1 point(looking for who’s on help)
* Offensive rebound–2 point
* defensive rebound– 1 point
Once kids get the hang of how to score points can mount rather quickly.  In order to keep track I usually have myself track one squad and assistant track another.  One additional benefit is a team can come back quickly as 4 or 5 point plays are possible and scoring while on defense is possible. I reinforce this during actual games by tracking Rebounds, assists, Picks, and defensive stops. Player who accumulates most is our MVP of the game.
I should say I keep inter squad scrimmages to no more than 25% of practice. (1 hour practice – 15 minutes or 2 hour practice – 30 minutes)