The key to winning [tag]basketball[/tag] offensive plays is to keep them simple.  Players don’t want to be remembering a complicated series of footsteps and passes.  By keeping your basketball offense plays simple your players will be able to execute them so quickly that your opponents won’t even know what hit them.Basketball Offense Plays

The first of the [tag]basketball offense plays[/tag] that must be added to your team’s playbook involves 2 players.  After crossing the half court line, player 1 passes the ball to player 2.  Player 1 cuts to an open shooting area near the basket, and player 2 passes back to player 1 who makes the shot.

During this play, your other [tag]offensive[/tag] players are at work distracting the team’s [tag]defensive[/tag] such that player 1 can get an open shot.

Once the above offensive play is used too often, it can become predictable, and when the other team is able to trace your every move before you even make it, it is time to switch to a new [tag]offensive play[/tag].  For this play, called the Back Door play, player 1 fakes a pass to player 2, who reverse direction for the basket.  Player 1 now passes to player 2 who makes the easy lay-up.

This play works best when the defensive players shadowing both player 1 and 2 are overplaying, and as such are easy caught off guard.  Alternately, if player 2’s defensive rival was not fooled by the change of plays, player 1 can take the shot if there is a clear one to be made.  Both these plays involve a lot of coordination between the 2 players and quick-thinking skills.