Many coaches struggle with plays for [tag]basketball offenses[/tag].  Here is a suggestion from Pat that has worked for me in the past.Basketball Offenses

From Pat…
An [tag]inbound[/tag] [tag]play[/tag] I have been using that has been fairly successful in getting a quality look is the 3 across.

I use my 5 to inbound the ball for the height advantage in [tag]passing[/tag].
My 4 starts on the ball side block with my 1 at the ball side high elbow, 2 on the foul line center and the 3 at the weak side high elbow.
On the break the 4 screens up for the 1 who steps toward lane then breaks hard off screen along the lane line to the basket.
2 follows behind 1 but flares to corner.
4 rolls after screen to low [tag]block[/tag] opposite the side the ball is being inbound from.
Finally 3 moves to ballside deep as a [tag]safety[/tag].

One of the options for this [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] is that 1,2 or 4 are usually open.