I got the inspiration for this coaching tip from Kenneth.  It includes“ a fresh idea on a [tag]basketball offensive play[/tag].  Try out this [tag]drill[/tag]“ and let me know what you think!Basketball Offensive Play

This is one of our ‘BOB” behind our own basket [tag]inbound plays[/tag].
BOB #3:
Have one of your taller players, who can pass effectively, take the ball out of bounds.
The remaining four [tag]basketball[/tag] players line up close to the free throw line, side by side, facing the basket.
When facing the basket, and the passer calls break, the player on the far right and the second to last player on the left screen down the player between them.
The player uses the double screen to step back to recieve a quick overhead pass for a quick catch and shoot.
At the same time, the player on the far left, does the same but cuts back hard to the basket to receive a pass for a layup.
This is a quick hitter.
You should take the first open shot, if nothing there, your PG should reset and run your normal [tag]offense[/tag].