One of my readers, Paul, suggested this idea for [tag]basketball offensive plays[/tag]. I’ve included it for you below.  The key to what we do is run “Olympic Drill”.  Now I have seen other versions of this“ drill but never one as beneficial and competitive as ours.Basketball Offensive Plays“ 

Olympic is a 3 on 2 [tag]transition[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag].  It goes as follows:
Form 2 teams of 6 or more kids.  Line them up on either side of the court at where the half court line meets the side line.  For the purpose of this, we will call them Blue and Red.
This drill runs like a regular [tag]basketball[/tag] game.  For instance, Blue will defend the North basket and shoot at the South basket for the entire game. Red will do opposite.  On made baskets, the ball needs to be inbounded, like a regular game.  On misses, outlet it and go.

To start the game, send 2 Red shirts to defense at the South hoop and 3 Blue shirts to [tag]offense[/tag] at half court.  As soon as Blue starts to go, send 2 more Blue shirts to Defense at the North hoop.  Our rule is, when your team crosses half court with the ball, the next two guys in line can go to defense at the basket you just left.
When offense crosses half court (Blue in this case), we give them 3 passes or one shot before the Red teams outlet guy (making it 3 on 3) can enter the game.  Lets say blue makes two passes and gets a layup.  Now Red has to inbound the ball.  Their third player enters the game from the half court line yelling “OUTLET”.  The Blue team is matching up right away and pressing to half court.  Now, essentially, you are asking 3 red guys to break a press against 5.  Remember, Blue has 2 players in the backcourt defending the basket and 3 in the frontcourt pressing the 3 Red guys.  The goal for Blue is to make a steal before Red reaches half court.  If Blue gets a steal, they stay on offense vs the 3 red guys.  They could score multiple baskets before the ball crosses half court.  Once Red crosses half court, they play 3 on 2 vs the 2 Blue guys that were waiting in the backcourt.  The 3 Blue guys that were on offense go to the back of their line.  The two Red guys at the front of their line, head to defense.

Now, lets say Red came down, made one pass and shot but missed.  Blues outlet is now in the game.  Blue gets the rebound and outlets.  Red scrambles to press to half court.  Blue breaks it.
This time blue makes 3 passes before shooting so Reds outlet guy sprints into the game to join the defense. “  Blue shoots and misses but gets the rebound.  They keep playing, just like a regular game, 3 on 3.  When Red gets the ball, via rebound or after a make, blue will press again.

You can see how it will continually go back and forth.  If you like, you can keep score and really make it competitive. 

This drill is versatile.  For instance, some times, we go no dribble in the backcourt vs the press.  By the end of practice, our guys are moving the ball so well, we are “un-pressable”.