ere is an out of bounds play we’ve begun running and we score almost every time, but you must have a great outside shooter.  If you’re looking for good basketball offensive plays, give this one a try.

First, you need a very patient player bringing the [tag]basketball[/tag] in as this play takes 3 – 4 seconds to execute.  Have the other four players line up in a box on the blocks/elbows.  Ball side pops out (both high and low) and the weak side shifts over.  Low man, ball side then runs his defender off the pick being set by the weak side (now in line with the ball) offense player and rotates away from the ball behind the three point line.  He receives the ball from out of bounds and sinks a three.  The pick can also be run off the offensive player on the elbow as well.

As soon as the defense cheats to stop the three, you’ve got an easy layup from one of the two players who shifted from the weak side.

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