One of the [tag]basketball offensive plays[/tag] we like to run is a play called “Spread”.  We use this when we need a big basket against an aggressive half court man defense. This is the simplest [tag]basketball play[/tag] to run and is often successful.

We simply spread the floor for the player we feel has the greatest mismatch and create isolation for that player. Most recently, we spread the floor for our 6’3″ post player who handles the [tag]basketball[/tag] fairly well for her size.

We liked the matchup and put her in a position to win the game (which was tied) facing the basket rather than posting her up with her back to the basket as we usually do. She beat her defender off the dribble and the help was late getting there. We got the high percentage shot we were looking for and won the game by two.

We also run variations (four options) off of this spread and hold look.