If you are coaching a youth team with little or no experience, try these [tag]basketball one on one drills[/tag]. These are excellent for team building, trust and skills.  Give it a try!

Line the players up under the net, a line on each side of the coach. Two players start. Roll the [tag]basketball[/tag] out fast and on “go” (usually when the ball is almost at 1/2 court) they race out to the ball. First player to the ball is offense the other quickly picks up on defense. The two play it out til’ the basket is made.

The second the ball goes in the net the next two players start out running for the next ball. I find with 5th and 6th grade kids, one on one [tag]basketball drills[/tag] helps. It helps them focus when playing man to man.

I have found on my team that the more the players know about each other and the more we trust each other, the better we do. We spend alot of time studying one another. I have 11 players on my team. Only 4 of them have ever played basketball before. Only 6 of them have ever played a team sport before.

These kids look like they have played together for years. We end most of our games with a 15- 30 point lead. The blind passes, pick and roll plays, and rebounds are crazy.