This is one of the [tag]basketball one on one drills[/tag] I like to use with my team.  It is a full court one on one [tag]basketball drill[/tag].  I use it to make my players comfortable in a [tag]fast break[/tag] one on one situation.

  • Both players start on the end line, one with the [tag]basketball[/tag] and one without a ball.
  • Player with the ball dribbles to the free throw line, turns and makes a chest pass to the other player on the baseline, then closes out.
  • The baseline player is going one on one full court.
  • The defensive player’s job is to turn the offensive player as many times as he can and to try to prevent them from scoring.
  • The offensive player’s job is to get to the other end as quickly as possible and score.

Loser of this basketball drill does some kind of punishment. (push-ups, sprints, etc..)