Take a look at this submission from Chauncey.  A great example of [tag]basketball out of bounds plays[/tag] that can work with all age groups.Basketball Out of Bounds Plays

From“  Chauncey…
My [tag]basketball[/tag] tip is a sideline [tag]out of bounds play[/tag] that gets us a bucket almost every time.

1)“  Your number 3 takes ball out.
2)“  4 lines up at top of key.
3)“  5 lines up on the low block ball side.
4)“  1 and 2 line up in front of the ball (2 in front).
5)“  5 sets a screen for the 4 curling to basket then sets a second [tag]screen[/tag] for the 2 rolling to basket for the lob.
6)“  1 sets a screen for 2 and steps to back court for a safety in case you can’t get the ball inbounds.