We call these [tag]basketball out of bounds plays[/tag]–Slide. When this is done right it Works Great!“  Your players learn rebounding, safety and teamwork.

The team with the ball is taking the [tag]basketball[/tag] out underneath their basket.

Your best three point shooter is taking the ball out. The tallest person (#5) then the 4 then the 3 is lined side by side underneath the basket centering the 4 right under the goal. #5 is on ball side and 3 is on weak side of 4. The other guard (2) is stacked behind the 4.

When the ball is snapped, 2 moves back towards half court for safety.

The 5 in post position moves toward the ball asking for it, stopping two steps before you get to the three point line on a side shot.  Then player 4 side over in post position asking for the ball to ball side block and the 3 slide posting underneath“  the basket.  The ball goes to the 5. 5 fakes the shot as the shooter steps in behind the 5n over head back pass.

Three point shot is then taken by the shooter.  Other players are in place for rebounding and safety.  This [tag]basketball drill[/tag] should become an all time favorite with your team.