Last week, I sent out a request for my newsletter subscribers to send in their best [tag]basketball passing drills[/tag].  Check out the [tag]drills[/tag] below (very creative!).Basketball Passing Drills for Youth

From Len…
I coach [tag]basketball[/tag] to 5th grade boys and 2nd grade girls.
I notice that they love to [tag]dribble[/tag] and don’t move so well without the ball. This is especially dangerous when we go against aggressive trapping defenses.

To teach them to keep the ball moving, we play a scrimmage at [tag]practice[/tag] where the kids are not allowed to dribble. It teaches them to [tag]pass[/tag] and cut and move without the ball. Once they get going, I let them take 3 dribbles and then eventually move to a full scrimmage with no restrictions.

Another thing I have done is spent a whole practice where they were only allowed to use their opposite hand.

From Kurt…
Five man weave going down.
Three on two coming back.
The [tag]passer[/tag] and the [tag]shooter[/tag] are back on [tag]defense[/tag].

This is great for teaching to look ahead and pass the ball, not dribble it to advance.  It also is great for defensive hustle and getting back.