Kevin sent me this email looking for [tag]basketball passing drills[/tag] or techniques he could use to cut down on turnovers with his [tag]point guard[/tag].

From: Kevin ********
To: Coach Pat
Subject: Basketball Passing Question

hey pat,

do you have any tips for my point guard to help his [tag]passing skills[/tag]. he generally tries to make aggressive passes that usually get stolen. what can i do to help him?

thanks for your help


Coach Pat’s Response

Hi Kevin,
Here are 4 quick pointers:

1) Positioning – teach your point guard to use his dribble to set up a better passing angle. If he’s trying to enter the ball into the post, he needs to dribble over to the 45 degree angle from the basket.

2) Using Fakes – every pass should be preceded by a good fake. If he’s trying to set up a bounce pass, first fake high. If he’s trying to set up an overhead pass, first fake low.

This puts the defender off balance, and opens up the passing lanes for a clean pass

3) Don’t Force It – some young point guards have a tendency to bulldoze their way into the lane, jump into the air… then figure out what to do with the ball. Make a rule: “Never Jump to Pass”.

It’s great that he’s being aggressive, but you need to help him understand when is a good time to drive and when it’s not.

4) Learn to Pull Up and Shoot the Jumper – Set up shooting drills that will allow him to stop 6-8 feet away from the basket for the short jumper. This will prevent him from getting too deep into the lane and turning it over while trying to make something happen.

Hope that helps.

Coach Pat