These are basketball passing drills that stress protecting the ball and defense close outs. If you are a trapping team this is a good drill on how to trap.

2 v 2 Pressure Passing Drill

1 player on base line, with the basketball, the other at the free throw line extended.
The other pair in the middle of both, facing the ball.

  • On the whistle, defensive pair sprints to close out and“  trap the player with the ball.
  • Offense must hold the ball for five seconds while the defense tries to steal the ball.
  • Offense must protect the ball by pivots, ball movement high/low, body shield, ball fakes.
  • After 5 seconds coach blows whistle, offense must make a good pass to the other offensive player.
  • Pass cannot be over the defensive shoulders–no lob passes on the pass.
  • Defense must sprint and close out and trap on the next player.
  • After 4 passes switch teams.

Keep track of defensive points- 1 pt each for steal, deflections, bad pass
2-3 sets“  and each-loser runs or does push ups

Depending on age/skill only have one person in the middle and shorten the distance.  This same drill can be used to teach how to split the trap. Also progress by letting the offense take one dribble after 5 seconds and then pass.

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