These are two [tag]basketball passing drills[/tag] sent to me by my subscribers. I’ve included them here for you to try out with your team! Creative and effective.Basketball Passing Drills

From Mike…
I call this [tag]basketball drill[/tag] Circle Passing

Have the players MAKE A CIRCLE AT half-court.  They can’t pass the [tag]basketball[/tag] to the person next to them, only to every other person. Add balls as they go. If they miss the pass they can’t leave from their spot because the person who is passing the ball to them is stuck holding the ball.  Another ball is coming.  12 players should be able to work in 5-6 basketballs.

Once they get good have players walk the circle while passing.  They love this [tag]basketball passing drill[/tag]!

From Hal…
I coach third and fourth grade boys and girls. This is generally their first contact with basketball and all they want to do is dribble down the court.  To get them looking down court I make them pass to half court. At least three passes, absolutely no dribble.  It has really helped their passing concept.