Many coaches struggle to come up with fresh ideas for [tag]basketball passing drills[/tag].  Here is one suggestion that works well.  Give it a try with your team.

From Derick…
We call this [tag]basketball drill[/tag] “Perfection.”Basketball Passing Drills

1.  Divide players into three lines — one at the baseline on one side of the basket, two lines above the half court on opposite sides of the jump circle.

2.  The baseline group begins with the [tag]basketball[/tag].  The first player in line calls the name of the player at the half-court.  That player breaks to the ball and jump stops at the free throw line extended.

Player A passes the ball as the player comes to the jump stop. As Player B jump stops and receives the ball, Player C (from the other line above the half-court) breaks towards the basket.  Player B calls the name of Player C and passes the ball, which should lead to a lay-up with the proper hand.  The whole team must count each made basket.

Each of these elements must be done “perfectly” or the count starts over.  You make 12 in a row from each side to end this basketball drill.