This is one of the [tag]basketball passing drills[/tag] I like because it works to greatly increase concentration, hand-eye coordination and really works to make the passes “catchable”. I also like the forward-guard partners so they get accustomed to working with different levels and abilities.

Have the players pair off, (I usually have a guard and forward partner), one on each side of the lane, facing each other, along the lane lines. The spacing needs to be about 5 feet from the player on your right and left. Each player has a [tag]basketball[/tag].

The right hand side does a bounce pass to their partner at the same time the left side does a chest pass. As the kids get better at it they pick the pace up. As they get better at the drill, I have them carry on a conversation so they can learn to do the drill and “multi-task”.

As a reward for the pair that go the longest without a drop, they get to sit out one of the “killers” we run before shooting free throws at the end of practice. The winners shoot extra free throws while waiting.

The coach needs to be patient the first time or two the drill is run, depending on ability level, it can be like herding cats.

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