One of my readers, Cindy, actually suggested this idea for a [tag]basketball play[/tag] at practice.  I’ve included it for you below.Basketball Play

Here’s an out of bounds [tag]basketball[/tag] play under the basket that is so simple and works so well for our 8th grade boys:
Set up: box with 4 & 5 on the blocks, 1 & 3 on the elbows, 2 passing it in (1, 2, 3 are interchangeable)
Ball is on right side of basket so 2, 5, & 3 are all in a line: 2 out of bounds passing in, 5 on the block and 3 on the elbow on the right side of the basket.
Execution: 2 slaps the ball and yells go. 5 & 3 run across the lane to set picks for 4 and 1. 4 and 1 run through the lane to take up the positions just vacated by 5 and 3. Now here’s the simple easy part that almost guarantees 2 pts: The opposing team is focused on 4 and 1 coming off the picks. 2 fakes to them. Once 5 sets his pick, he pivots and opens himself to the basket and receives the pass in.  Shoots an easy shot from the left block.
When the other team stays put to defend 5, we give it to 4 for the easy shot from the right block.
I’m sure this play is used by other coaches but is so slick and easy that I have used it for as young as 3rd graders with great success.