Dave sent this one to me last week.  A great example of a [tag]basketball playbook[/tag] that doesn’t require a coaching PhD to figure out.Basketball Playbook

The thing that has my 8th grade [tag]basketball[/tag] players thrilled this year is that I asked them to show me their favorite spot on the floor for taking their favorite shot. 

I then asked them to tell me how they would like to receive the ball to get their favorite shot (e.g., going to their left and receiving the ball from the post or wing). 

I then designed a play for each player that went into the [tag]playbook[/tag]. 

On a squad of 14 players, I ended up with five different plays (4 players liked the left elbow, 4 liked the right elbow, etc.). 

We run the plays out of a basic motion set. 

I promised all 14 players that at one time during the season we will dial up their play.  They love it.