[tag]Basketball player management[/tag] used to be a“ big weakness in my repertoire.  But I was able to turn it around by using this idea sent in by Terry.Basketball Player Management

A big problem in [tag]coaching[/tag] young kids in a league is playing time.  There are league rules about minimums (such as–at least one quarter or equal to; some leagues say a continuous quarter). 

Well we all know that when you coach by yourself it is difficult to track so usually you end up playing everyone a continuous quarter it’s easier that way; but maybe not what’s best for the team.  So what we do is recruit a parent to keep track of playing time. 

It’s best to recruit a different parent each [tag]basketball[/tag] game.  That way they see the equality in playing time.  Also we can substitute freely, be competitive, and the kids get their fair share of playing time.  We also recruit a parent to keep track of stats such as, turnovers, rebounds, steals and assists so they can keep track of how each player is performing, understand why some kids may play in key situations.  It prevents them from just focusing on their own child.  Hope this helps.