Marion in Coral Gables wrote to ask if I could suggest any ideas for [tag]basketball players[/tag] and team [tag]morale[/tag].  Here’s an idea sent in by Mark.Basketball Players

I do feel like I run a very fun and exciting practice for my 8 grade AAU team.

2 things I emphasize in my program is expecting [tag]basketball[/tag] players to be more thankful and appreciative of their opportunities to play basketball and to take advantage of every chance they get to ‘lay it on the line’ everyday, every practice, every game.  I expect them to carry that over to their families, classroom and friendships.  Never take any of life for granted.

The second thing that kids really respond to is how I initiate consequences in any [tag]drill[/tag] competition between teams.  As the losing team in the drill is prepared to run either suicides or a set of lines, the winning squad MUST cheer on the sideline as loud as possible.  If I think they’re not cheering on their teammates loud enough, than I blow the whistle and then the teams switch places!“ 

Also, if the losing team is putting in every bit of effort as a team, then I also will make the switch.  Brings out the best in everyone, and it makes for an even more cohesive team from top to bottom.