This is one of my favorite basketball plays–a great out of bounds play under the basket. I call it Box 4 and it can be used against man-man or zone.

Player 1- takes basketball out
Player 2- best shooter on ball side block
Player 3- at ball side elbow
Player 4- at opposite elbow
Player 5- opposite block

Here is the play:
Set up in box set.  1 man says “go” and 4 breaks to the ball side corner yelling “ball, ball” (decoy).
2 comes off a screen from 5 and breaks to the opposite corner; 3 goes out to top of key.  1 fakes pass to 4 and looks for 2 who should be wide open for the jumper.

A second option is when 2 has the ball, he looks for 1 curling to middle off a screen from 5 in the lane.  I have gotten great looks from the 2 and 1 in this play I use a lot.

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