When it comes to favorite basketball plays, I’ve got a nice basketball play for you. This play is mainly for the team that has a player of so-called “superstar” status. We have dubbed this play “Carmelo” rather fittingly.

Have your point guard up at the top of the key.
Have one player in high post near the foul line as a diversion.
Two other players start near the three point line close to around the block area.

These players will set a double pick for your “superstar” to run through the middle from around the same area opposite. This pick will be set near the block closest to the setters.

Your best basketball shooter will then run through, most definitely shaking all of those three players men, and hit a jump shot from a spot about 5 feet in from the foul line.

This play should be used sparingly as that will keep the element of surprise high on the double pick.