Try these basketball plays when going against man to man defense.

The first play we run is an out of bounds under our basket against a man to man defense that we score off of nearly every time.

Here it goes:
Set up in a box formation using both blocks and the high posts.  1 takes the ball out.  2 is on ball side block and 4 is opposite block.  3 is on ball side high post and 5 is on the opposite high post.

When 1 smacks the ball, 2 cuts hard out to ball side corner; 4 comes across the lane to ball side block and 5 screens across the lane for 3 who makes a hard cut opposite the ball to the block for a layup.  If we don’t hit 3 for the layup because they switch on defense we have 5 seal on the screen for the lob in the middle.  2 is our safety valve to get the [tag]basketball[/tag] in.

Another play I like to run against man-to-man goes like this:

It starts with the basic 3/2 set with (2) big people down low & the wings spread wide. The number (1) dribbles right and receives a screen at the top of the key by the number (4).

The point guard can either:
(A) drive for a layup
(B) The number (4) pick & roll with the point shot.
Or if the number (2) defender cheats into the middle the wing has a wide open 3 point shot.

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