Here is one of my favorite [tag]basketball post drills[/tag]. Having a post player understand that they need to utilize any opportunity that the defense gives them, and act quickly, will create an inside outside game that is tough to stop.

You need Goal Post pad (Football) and/or Noodles (Swimming).  Guard makes strong pass to the post (chest level).  Post player is constantly positioning around the lane depending on where the [tag]basketball[/tag] is, and the coach is behind him/her with the pad working as the defense.

If player is on the block, he/she should feel the defense on the inner or outside part of their hip and make a drop step move (with a maximum of one pass) and finish with a layup or 2-3 footer.  Post player must stay wide (with hands extended up in front of them) and command the space to allow for entry pass, this will not only give their teammate a target, but it will also make for an easier pass.

This will not only improve post players footwork (with having a coach using a pad to move them around and adjust to the bumping and physical part of the game), but it will also encourage easier shots on the block.

Have you tried this drill in practice? Did it work for you? Please let me know by leaving a comment in the box below. And be sure to check out this article before you leave the site: Basketball Offense – 15 Laws For Success