I find that the traditional wisdom on [tag]basketball practice[/tag] is a bit stale.  Here are two drills for [tag]basketball[/tag] practice that Michael sent to us that he likes to do for warmups. Basketball Practice“ 

“ 1.  Circle pass drill –“  team circles around one player. (This is a good [tag]drill[/tag] to build hand eye coordination, passing skills and learning to move and pass.)
“ “ “ “  a . One person passes to central player, who passes to the next person around the circle.
“ “ “ “  b.  The person who passed to the central circle goes to the center and the center person takes their place.
“ “ “ “  c.  This alternates around the circle in either direction with either bounce or chest passes.
2.  Alternate layup drill – (I hate the traditional layup drill so I started my kids doing this drill.)
“ “ “ “  a. “  Two lines under the basket facing out. [tag]Coach[/tag] stands at foul line.
“ “ “ “  b. “  Player A from one of the lines starts without the ball and circles out around the coach and back towards the basket.
“ “ “ “  c.  Player A receives a pass from other line, Player B. 
“ “ “ “  d.  Player B then circles around the coach to receive a pass
“ “ “ “ “ “ “ “  from the other line.
“ “ “ “  e.  Shoot layups or jump shots.
“ “ “ “  f.  Good, fast paced action with little standing around as in“ the traditional layup drill.