Are you looking for new basketball practice drills? You’re in the right place! In this article, I’ll discuss two of my favorite practice ideas. Each one is simple and easy to implement, and works well for all ages and competitive levels. If you have a favorite drill you’d like to share with our community, please write it up in the comments box below. I’d love to see it!

The Inside/Outside Drill

This drill helps teach players to double team a post player. It teaches post players to take a shot or kick the ball back out. Finally, this drill teaches perimeter players to pass the ball inside and then slide to an open spot to possibly get the ball back.

basketball practice drill

Players need to be divided into post players or perimeter players. The post players will play offense and defense in the post while the perimeter players will play offense and defense from the perimeter. A player will play offense, then defense, and then rotate out of the drill.

Start with two offensive and two defensive players. The ball will begin on the wing with the offensive player. The other offensive player will post-up near the box. There will be a defender on each player. (refer to the diagram)

The perimeter player will either take the shot from the outside or pass the ball into the post player (no driving is allowed). When the ball is passed into the post, the outside defender will drop down and help to double team the post player.

After the perimeter player passes the ball, he should slide toward the baseline and look for the ball to be kicked back out. If the double team is late in arriving then the post player should try to score. If the double team arrives quickly and harasses the post player then the ball should
get kicked back out to the perimeter player for a shot.

Coaching Points:

The coach should make sure that the perimeter defender is dropping down fast enough to help with the double team. However, the defender shouldn’t “cheat” and leave before the pass is made. As your players get more advanced with this technique, the double-team defender can try “faking” the double team – dropping down a few steps toward the post player, then recovering back out to the wing to try and steal the return pass.

On offense, the perimeter player should shoot the ball if given the chance. It’s important to keep the perimeter defender honest and prevent him from leaving to double team too early. After entering the ball into the post, the perimeter player should slide to an open spot along the baseline or at the top of the key, or cut back door and try to receive a short drop-off pass from the post.

Break The Press Drill

This drill is a great way to introduce the concept of the press break – with each position on the floor having specific responsibility to get the ball inbounds and up the court.

For this drill, the 5 man (Center) begins by inbounding the ball. The 1 man (Point Guard) begins at mid-court in the circle. The 2 (Shooting Guard), 3 (Small Forward), and 4 (Power Forward) will begin in the same spots they would be for a defensive foul shot. (see the diagram)

break the press practice drill

The 3 man will be on the left side of the lane while the 2 and 4 are on the right side. When the 5 man slaps the ball, the 1 will sprint to the right side of the court. The 4 will
sprint down the middle of the court toward the opposite basket.

The 2 and the 3 will each break toward the box on their side of the foul line. The ball will get inbounded to the 2 man. The 2 man will then dribble down the middle of the court or go immediately to the Point Guard on the right side of the court. The 1 will then try to dribble the ball up the court.

This play can be run to either side of the floor. The 1 should break to whichever side of the floor the play will go to. If it goes to the left then the ball will be inbounded to the 3 man.

Throwing the “homerun” pass to the 4 man is always an option as well. Once this drill is run a few times, a defense should be added.

Coaching Points:

The coach should make sure that all the players are breaking at the proper time. Players shouldn’t be breaking too early or too late. Though the drill is designed to go specific places, the defense may dictate that other players get involved. So make sure players have their heads turned to the play at all times.

If you’d like to see some more great drills demonstrated on video, please visit my basketball practice drills page here: