Here are two great [tag]basketball practice drills[/tag] for defense.  These drills are excellent to help teach the players to keep the ball moving and for setting screens.

The first [tag]basketball drill[/tag] is called“  4 on 1: You have 4 offensive players, but only one of them can shoot. You also have one defensive player. All players are allowed to cut and receive the ball, set screens for the shooter. The offense has to“  keep moving at all times cutting and screening. The defensive is trying to get around the screens, deny the passes and refuse the shot, getting the rebounds.

The second drill is the Defense Man to Man Positioning drill.
We put three offensive players out around the perimeter.
Under the basket on the base line we have three lines. These are defensive players. The [tag]basketball coach[/tag] passes the ball to one of three offensive players.  The three defensive“  players attack in a defensive stance each picking up a man. The [tag]basketball[/tag] goes live and continues until the shot is made or the ball is turned over. The defense then becomes offense and the offense gets back into the line under the basket on the base line.