Here is one of our favorite basketball practice drills. I do with my 1st and 2nd graders as well with my 6th and 7th graders. I call it Basketball Take Away.

For some unknown reason they love this drill and when I ask if there is any particular drill they want to do at the next practice, they always want to do this one.

Basketball Take Away

  • You pair up two players whom are about evenly matched.
  • Let them both get a death grip on the basketball.
  • Next ask whom wants the ball more and, of course, they both say they do.
  • On the whistle they play take away until somebody gets the ball, then it’s one on one until someone scores.

After a while the weaker ones who win when they are matched against their own competition now think for some reason they can take on the stronger boys.  I notice in the games that they are more aggressive at going for loose and balls and ripping rebounds away when contested.

I don’t do this too often as it can get really competitive. I usually do this after a water break after we have reviewed our plays for something to get their attention back as you know reviewing plays can be boring at times.

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