This is one of my favorite [tag]basketball practice drills[/tag].  This [tag]basketball drill[/tag] gives my players a taste of what it feels like to be under pressure on the [tag]free throw[/tag] line in a game saving situation.

At the end of every [tag]basketball[/tag] practice each player lines up at the free throw line and each player gets two free throws.
If they miss one, the whole team lines up and does a suicide full court.
If the shot or shots are made it goes to the next team mate until everyone has shot.

It is up to the team, based on free throws, if they run no lines or if they run 20. It is a great motivator to practice at home and to feel the pressure of being counted on in a game.

Another drill I practice is the full court press. This provides man to man coverage while defending our basket area in defense along with possibly hoping to steal the ball in the offensive zone when trying to maintain a lead or a come back from behind win.