I receive many requests for quick, fun [tag]basketball practice drills[/tag] for youth teams.  Here are a couple of [tag]basketball drills[/tag] which work well and the kids love them.  Give them a try!

When you are conditioning and sprinting at the end of [tag]basketball practice[/tag] make the amount of time your team runs determined by a free throw shot by one player.  Run what you feel is an appropriate amount of sprints and then put one player on the line.  If she/he makes it, you are done, if not everyone runs more.  The players all cheer for their teammate because they want to be done!!

It is also good for the player on the line to feel the pressure of being on the line, tired and having everyone wanting him/her to make it. This simulates the end of a tight [tag]basketball[/tag] game.

Organize the players into 3 teams and have a player from each team compete for rebounds.  Each of the three play for 2 putback baskets (coaches are outlet passes), then the one who scores 2 before the others goes to the end of his team line and another player from his team goes.
First team to go thru their line wins! (Loser’s run).