This is one of my favorite [tag]basketball practice drills[/tag]. It is a [tag]basketball shooting drill[/tag] I have used for two different teams–boys, 10 years old, and girls 17-18 years.

Half Moon Shooting Drill
Players line up in a half moon inside the three point line from the right baseline all the way around to the left. Player in the right corner takes a jumper, and gets his own board. The next player shoots, and so on all around the circle. When the first cycle is complete all players shift over one spot,“  with the left corner coming down the baseline to the right corner, and the [tag]basketball drill[/tag] is repeated. Continue until each player has taken a shot from each spot.

We all know that players have their comfort zones. This basketball drill encourages players to expand their shooting range especially from the corners where it’s all rim.

We run competitions by setting targets for made jumpers and for time required to complete the cycles. Also, as they go for their own rebounds it teaches the importance of following your shot in to the basket.