Here’s one of the [tag]basketball practice drills[/tag] that the dads can do with their players at home.  I show this to my Dads the first practice of the season and ask for 15-30 mins. a day with their player.

  • Dad rebounds, player shoots.
  • Dad calls out floor positions.
  • The player hustles to the position,
  • Catches the [tag]basketball[/tag] with hands in shooting position and shoots with good BEEF form-no steps or dribbles.

Floor positions include the 7 post positions and 5 perimeter positions.

Left low, mid and elbow, line and right low, mid, and elbow post positions.

Left corner and wing, arc, and right corner, wing perimeter positions.

Then a variety of fakes and go hard to the basket; Dad moderately defends the drive.

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