Here’s one of my girls favorite [tag]basketball practice drills[/tag].  It’s a good pregame warm-up drill.  We call this [tag]basketball drill[/tag]–Princeton.

-Two [tag]basketball coach[/tag]es are elbow high, close to half court.
-Run the drill on both sides of the basket.
-Two girls are at the basket with balls, and there are two girls on the elbow extended waiting for an outlet pass
-Girls at basket throw ball off glass and rebound the [tag]basketball[/tag] (jump for it, snatch it, and chin it) they pivot and throw the outlet pass
-After throwing the outlet pass they flash to the high post elbow, the wings throw the balls to the coaches
-Coaches pass to high posts, wings cut back door, posts make backdoor pass for the layups.

-One side will shoot a layup, while the other side does a stop and pop (baby jumper)
-One side will have the coach throw it back to wing instead of high post and the high post will execute a screen and roll with the wing, while the other side executes a different move.