Here are two [tag]basketball practice drills[/tag] to do with your team after your warm-ups.  These drills work on passing and on footwork and the kids love the competitive side of them.

My 13 and 14 year olds often have problems passing and moving, so one drill I like to do is called The Passing Box.

I put players on each end of the foul line and some on each block down low.  The [tag]basketball[/tag] starts up on top and they pass down low, once they pass down low they have to pop out on the wing and then run down to the end of the line they passed to.  When the
ball goes low, they pop out to the middle of the foul line and then back to the line they passed to, they continue this until there is either a bad pass or the ball hits the floor.

I usually run this for five minutes and every time the ball either hits the floor or there is a bad pass, is usually the number of sprints they do at the end of practice.

To help the player’s with their footwork and get them comfortable with quick but focused put back, we do a drill called THE BICYCLE.
You can use multiple baskets and turn into a round robin tournament for fun. Players shoot alternating shots from under the rim without letting the ball touch the floor. Going for 90 seconds and counting the number made.

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