Here is one of our favorite [tag]basketball practice drills[/tag].  It is called the Trap Drill and everyone is involved in all positions.  Great practice!

Ideal number of players is 16.
4 teams of 4.
2 teams in red and 2 teams in black.
The 2 red teams will be on defense 1st and start on the left hand side by center court.
The 2 black teams will be on offense first and will start on the right hand side by center court.
Coach is under the offensive basket with a ball.  The coach rolls the ball to the other end of the floor.  As the coach rolls the ball, the 1st offensive team and 1st defensive team both run on the court.

The 1st offensive player to the ball picks it up after it crosses the free throw line (on the end opposite the coach).  The 1st 2 defensive players trap the ball.  The other 3 offensive players try to get open while the other 2 defensive players are trying to steal the pass.  It is live [tag]basketball[/tag].

The offense are trying to go to the other end and score and the defense is trying to stop them.  Only the defense gets points.  If the offense scores, no points are awarded.  If the offense loses the ball in the back court or the offense doesn’t even get a shot off then the defense gets 2 points.  If the offense gets a shot but doesn’t score the defense gets 1 point.

These 2 teams play until the offense scores or the defense gains possession of the ball.  Once the offense scores or the defense gains possessions then the coach gets the ball and rolls it to the opposite end for the next 2 teams to play.

The 2 teams that just finished go back to their same lines at center court.  The 2 red teams will stay on defense for 5-7 minutes then the red and black teams switch sides and the 2 red teams will be on offense for 5-7 minutes.

If the ball hits the wall when the coach rolls it, it becomes a live ball and anyone can get it.  The defense can not touch the ball on the coach’s roll until the offense touches it or the ball hits the wall.

Have you tried this drill in practice? Did it work for you? Please let me know by leaving a comment in the box below. And be sure to check out this article before you leave the site: Basketball Offense – 15 Laws For Success