Here is one of the [tag]basketball drills[/tag]“  I use for my team’s [tag]basketball practice plan[/tag].  I call it the “give and go” which works the [tag]passing basketball drill[/tag] and shooting drill.

There are two lines starting at the top of the arc.  One line goes on the side and the other one goes down the side of the paint.

The inside line passes to the outside line and then the outside line gives him a bounce pass back so they can lay it up or pull up and shoot a little jump shot.

Do this on both sides and then switch it to where the outside line passes to the inside line and then the inside line shoots it back out to the outside line where they should be ready to catch and shoot a 3 pointer or a good jump shot.

This is a great [tag]basketball drill[/tag] in catching and passing while being ready to shoot the basketball in any situation.