Many coaches struggle to come up with fresh ideas for a [tag]basketball practice plan[/tag].  Here are four suggestions that Alex sent in.  I’ve included them here for you to liven up your practices!Basketball Practice Plan

From Alex…
Here are 4 [tag]basketball drills[/tag] that I always use with my team.

***The Grinder***
This is not only a team building communication drill but also good conditioner you can add to or keep as few as you like, Cater this to your teams needs.

Start with two teams, First drill is 10-10-10 (push ups,situps,wall jumps). once everyone on each team completes the drills they can move on to the next [tag]basketball drill[/tag]- layups each person must then complete 3 layups, Then one person per team must hit 2 foul shots, then Entire team must then run 1/2 mile. Once that is complete each person per team must complete 50 bunny hops over a single line (Over and back is one hop), Then“  each person must run the stairs 3 times will the ball overhead. If ball is dropped whoever dropped must do 10 pushup, once that is complete, Team must sit in order of birthday month. Winning team gets an extended water break for 5 minutes; losing team runs 1/2 mile. Give teams all instructions at once, let them decide which drills to do first, They have no choice but to communicate.

Conditioning drill
1-Give the entire team a set time limit (usually however long each quarter is) have them run simple sprints from one end to the other. [tag]Basketball coach[/tag] stands at half court. Every time whistle blows players must change direction. This gets really fun after about 5 mins.

Ball Control Drill

1- Three lines going full court, 3 [tag]basketball[/tag]s. Have each player dribble down and back; the catch is when coach blows the whistle players must stop, and pivot 360 degrees and pass back to their line. After the pass players must get back in line, any violations 10-10-10 (push ups,situps,wall jumps).
Passing drill
5-on-5 regular scrimmage, only one rule, NO DRIBBLING at ALL !! sounds simple but just try it and see.