Special thanks to Peter in Canada for sending this one in.  If you’ve every struggled to come up with fresh ideas for your [tag]basketball practice plans[/tag], you MUST try this out!

The following [tag]basketball drill[/tag] (which we now call the CRAWFORD Drill) is one that a fellow Coach (Wayne Crawford) here in my area came up with and has shared with local coaches before. I’m not sure if he has ever distributed this drill online or not but I think it’s a great one that many coaches should get a lot of mileage from. Basketball Practice Plans

The drill runs like a game for the whole team and incorporates ALL skills, as well as being a great [tag]basketball“  conditioning drill[/tag]. The kids absolutely love it because of the competitive aspect of it. It goes like this:

Split your players up in two teams, half in one corner of the gym (not the floor) and the other half in the opposite (diagonal) corner. Place a [tag]basketball[/tag] in the middle of the gym at an equal distance from both teams.

ALL baskets in the gym are in play (at least 6 hoops are great). The teams line up in single file in the corner with the first player ready to sprint to the basketball. On “GO” (or a whistle), the first players in each line sprint to the basketball, the first person there picks up the ball and goes on offence, the other player plays defense.

The players play one on one to ANY basket in the gym the offensive player wants to, but its best to score closer to their own team. Play continues until someone scores. The player that scores goes to the end of their team’s line while the next player in line tries to catch the other person before they can score in a net close to their team. Every time someone scores they get to leave the game and someone new from their team comes in, no matter what hoop the ball is then at.

Obviously you can see why it’s best to score closer to your team to save the next person in line a long run to get the ball. Of course, if the player is completely exhausted they should score wherever they can to get out of the game (or make a rule you can only be scored on 3 times before leaving – my kids don’t like the easy way out and will work their tails off to score). The game continues until reaching a certain score of your choosing.

This game requires a lot of running, defending and scoring. You can adapt the rules to meet your own needs. This has become a favorite drill in [tag]basketball practice[/tag], and the kids will sometimes play it on their own without being told (even in the playground).