For [tag]basketball practice[/tag] at the beginning of the year, I use a [tag]basketball drill[/tag] that’s called the circle drill to condition my players and to help me form the team. It separates the leaders from the pack and also leads to great conditioning.

Place 6 players on either side of the center court circle with one ball facing each other.

Players will pass the [tag]basketball[/tag] chest pass to each other while not stepping in the circle and after passing cut and touch the base line and return in the other line. If there are additional players they can side pass after players cut and ROTATE in after 5 passes.

If a player steps in the circle the time starts over.  If a player doesn’t touch the baseline the drill starts over.  If a pass is dropped the time starts over.  If a player lags the time starts over.

This [tag]conditioning basketball drill[/tag] teaches focus, catching the pass, moving after the pass, and the importance of working together.  After a few minutes the players start to push each other and you can see the teamwork build and team strength start to shape up.

I’ve used this for 5 years and my team is always the fresher at the close of the game and we play 3/4 court man to man the entire game.