Looking for [tag]basketball practices[/tag] ideas?“  You’ve come to the right place!“  Try out this idea below that Bob sent in and let me know how it goes for you.Basketball Practices

The toughest part of running [tag]basketball[/tag] practices with 10-13 kids is keeping them all focused and in tune, so drills that move quickly and include multiple touches keep them in the game. The more they touch the ball the better they will become as long as the touches are correct.

Progressive Drill
Basic lay up [tag]drill[/tag] with an outlet pass to side. Emphasizing correct bounce outlet pass to side and then crisp pass to ball handler. Make sure rebounder does not overcommit (too far under basket).
Next step is adding two more passes.  Lay up. outlet pass. pass to ball handler who in turn passes back to outlet person then goes to basket for a lay up receiving a bounce pass from outlet man.
The final progression is the final pass to the rebounder for the shot.  Lay up, outlet pass. Pass to ball handler pass back to outlet. Ball handler cuts to basket receives bounce pass instead of layup man then“  bounce passes to rebounder who then shoots. Both players then converge for rebound.
Important to have the spacing and speed so final shooter gets the ball going to the basket not waiting for a pass already underneath the basket. For drill to work players have to get crisp passes and quick touches.