This is one of my favorite [tag]basketball rebounding drills[/tag].  The girls love it and it motivates them to MOVE IT!!“  The best way to get my girls to rebound and play aggressively was to make it into a competitive game during [tag]basketball practice[/tag].

I pick two players about the same size and have them lay on their bellies as close to the wall as possible facing down court.  I throw the [tag]basketball[/tag] or bounce it towards the far basket and they cannot get up and go for the ball until I tell them to.

When I hit the whistle they are to jockey for the ball.  Obviously whoever gets it is the offense but this [tag]basketball drill[/tag] is very competitive and they both must fight for the rebound.  Whoever rebounds it heads down the court towards me and the other basket.

There is a time limit to score (I just pretend to be counting but it depends on the level of intensity and skill of the two competitors).  Whoever does the best job is excused from extra sit ups and push ups.  There are usually five unless both players lacked spark, then both of them do it.