If you’re looking for [tag]basketball rebounding drills[/tag], try this one. I’ve found it to be both fun and helpful with skill development. It rewards free throw accuracy (to earn a 2nd shot), encourages participation by all defensive players to earn “maximum” box-out/rebound points, and is a good FUNdamental [tag]basketball drill[/tag] for players of all ages.

Using two “teams” of 4 players, designate the first free throw shooter and have all players fill the lane spots for a 1-and-1 free throw attempt.  Defensive team has two low-block players and two high-block players who will each “earn” 1 point for a successful box-out during the free-throw attempt (even if the free throw is made).

Defensive team’s rebound of a missed free throw earns 1 point.  (Maximum defensive team’s points per free throw attempt = 5 for 4 effective box-out’s and 1 rebound of missed shot.)

Offensive team’s shooter earns 2 points for each “made” free throw, but only earns a 2nd “bonus” free throw attempt by making the first shot.  Offensive team receives 4 “sharp-shooter” bonus points for two consecutive made free throws.  Offensive team can also earn 1 point for an offensive rebound and 1 point for a made basket by the rebounder’s initial stick-back shot.

Play stops after an offensive rebounder’s first shot attempt (no dribbling or passing), regardless of make or miss.  (Maximum offensive team’s points per free throw attempt = 2 for either a made free throw, or, 1 for an offensive rebound and 1 for a stick-back basket by offensive rebounder on 1st shot attempt.)“  However, by making both free throw attempts, the offensive team can earn up to 8 points = 2 points for each made free throw plus the 4-point “sharp-shooter” award.

Rotate offensive/defensive rebounding positions (counter-clockwise) until all 8 players have completed his/her Free Throws. The 4-player team that earned the most total points is declared the winner. “  (Try to beat the previous “High Score.”)

Have you tried this drill in practice? Did it work for you? Please let me know by leaving a comment in the box below. And be sure to check out this article before you leave the site: Basketball Offense – 15 Laws For Success