This is one of our favorite [tag]basketball rebounding drills[/tag].  This [tag]basketball drill[/tag] has a few options and gives the team the chance to work on layups, rebounding, passing and timing.

In the gym we have the normal basket and a basket on one of the walls around the extended free throw line out of bounds. All the players line up in a circle (or modified oval) so that layups can be done on both baskets.  From the first player, every other player has a ball (note the last player must have a ball).  The first person lays it up and and follows the last player.  The second player rebounds and goes to the next basket and lays it up.  (In the end the shooter becomes the next rebounder for the ball in front of him.  Each player shoots 1 layup per round)“  This continues until the [tag]basketball coach[/tag] is satisfied, the order gets messed up, or the players are just too dizzy to stand.  I usually put chairs or cones inside the original circle to keep the shape spread.

One twist to this [tag]basketball[/tag] drill is that after the a player rebounds the ball off of the first hoop he takes several dribbles and passes off of the wall to the player behind him.  (In this twist the player will do 2 layups per round, or 2 rebounds per round.  Since the rebounder cannot pass it back off of the second hoop he becomes a shooter).

We use this to work on our timing (for shots, rebounds, passes, and getting ready for the pass – since the twist has the shooter getting a pass shortly after he shot he must move to keep up.)“  We also reverse this so that you can go left hand, right hand, or center of the lane.

For beginners we move the circle over so that we only use one hoop.  It kind of acts like a normal tip off the board drill, but with more movement and balls.