Working with youth teams, I often focus on [tag]basketball rebounding drills[/tag].  This is a simple [tag]basketball practice drill[/tag] we use frequently.  The kids have fun with it!

I have 12 kids so I split them into 2 groups of six. Go to opposite baskets.
The 6 players stand around the outside of the 3-point line and wait to be called.
It starts with one-on-one rebounding–each group gets two shots each. Sort of a warm up [tag]basketball drill[/tag].

After several times around, switching up partners the whole group gets under the basket and they compete for several boards. Once they have done that for roughly 6 or 7 shots, the kid that grabs a rebound gets to get water and wait for the next [tag]basketball[/tag] drill to start.

The last one to retrieve a rebound does a suicide.