One of my favorite [tag]basketball rebounding drills[/tag] is the [tag]basketball drill[/tag] called War.  At the youth level, it is a very difficult to teach kids to box out and not look at the basket when a shot goes up.  This drill teaches the defender to find their man, jam him, pivot, and slide their feet to keep the offense on his back.

If all five defenders do what is needed the likelihood of an offensive rebound is minimal.  It also encourages kids to be physical with one another–a skill that many young kids need to learn.

The defensive rebounders are lined up from in front of the basket in a line to the free throw line.  The offensive players are spread out around the three point arc 15 feet apart.  The defenders must communicate who they are going to box out and a coach puts up a shot from the perimeter.  Each defender boxes out a different offensive player.  If a defender gets the rebound his team gets 1 point.  If an offensive player gets the rebound his team gets 2 points and also tries to score off the rebound for an additional point.

There is no out of bounds.  Anything (legal of course) goes.  Offense and defense then switch.  You play this [tag]basketball[/tag] game to a particular number and the losing team runs the difference.